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Sun, 08 Apr 2018 07:46 PM
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Meeting Agenda

1.  Precinct Code of Meeting Practice.
2.  Dual Occupancy Lot Size.
3.  Jennifer Street Update.
4.  Harry Triguboff plans for the area.
5.  General Business.

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 01:31 PM
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The La Perouse Precinct at its meeting yesterday attended by the General Manager, Precinct Coordinator, and Crs Danny Said, Noel D'Souza and Carlos Da Rocha, failed to resolve on its submission to IPART that is due in 6 days, on Tuesday 13th March 2018.

Sat, 03 Mar 2018 05:30 PM
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Meeting Agenda

1.  Council's Application to IPART for a 19.85% Special Variation Rate Increase.
2.  DA101/2018 11 Jennifer Street for 45 Residential Units, Basement Parking and Landscaping.
3.  Role of the Precinct Executive.
4.  General Business

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Mon, 03 Jul 2017 01:00 PM

July Meeting Agenda Item 3

Clarification on Code of Conduct applicablity to La Perouse Precinct.
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Dear Residents,

At the Council meeting on 1st July, a motion was debated that alleges damage to Randwick Council's credibility and reputation by an email sent by a precinct executive in her capacity as a resident of KWK Precinct.  The proposer appears to seek Code of Conduct action be taken against the precinct executive as a Council Official.  The motion was defeated by the narrowest of margins.

You will recall that in 2016, the La Perouse precinct executives refused to attend Code of Conduct training [18/02/2016 email] on the grounds that precinct resolutions 35/15 dated 03/11/2015, 41/15 dated 07/09/2015 and 16.06 dated 01/02/2015, were all unanimous and rejected Council's imposition of its Code of Conduct on the Precinct.

We need to discuss as to how we can seek clarification from Council as to applicability of the Code of Conduct on our precinct executives in the circumstances, as it appears that what happened to the precinct executive from KWK Precinct can happen to one of us.

Arising from my inclusion of the above agenda (in its original form that I will explain at the meeting) Council initially refused to print our flyers for the July meeting.

You will recall we decided to set up our own website to publish our minutes when Council refused to publish our minutes.  We need to be ready to print our own flyers in the event Council in the future refuses to.

We also need to renew our domain name which is due to expire this month.


1.  Councilor Billeli has confirmed he will be able to attend our meeting tonight for the first part at least and will be updating us on resolution by Council at last Tuesday's meeting on the draft Kensington and Kingsford Planning Strategy relating to rezoning and Priority Precinct Proposal.

2.  Yet another side effect of the development of the Anzac Corridor - it will soon cost us to park at Eastgardens if the development application before Botany Council goes ahead.  Follow the link here that reads:

"Installation and operation of a ticketless car park control system Installation and operation of a ticketless car park control system including modifications to the car park layout, installation of boom gates and automated pay machines."

Kind regards,