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Sun, 08 Apr 2018 07:46 PM
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Meeting Agenda

1.  Precinct Code of Meeting Practice.
2.  Dual Occupancy Lot Size.
3.  Jennifer Street Update.
4.  Harry Triguboff plans for the area.
5.  General Business.

Tue, 06 Mar 2018 01:31 PM
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The La Perouse Precinct at its meeting yesterday attended by the General Manager, Precinct Coordinator, and Crs Danny Said, Noel D'Souza and Carlos Da Rocha, failed to resolve on its submission to IPART that is due in 6 days, on Tuesday 13th March 2018.

Sat, 03 Mar 2018 05:30 PM
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Meeting Agenda

1.  Council's Application to IPART for a 19.85% Special Variation Rate Increase.
2.  DA101/2018 11 Jennifer Street for 45 Residential Units, Basement Parking and Landscaping.
3.  Role of the Precinct Executive.
4.  General Business

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Fri, 16 Dec 2016 10:48 PM

Randwick Council moves to silence Kensington West Kingsford Precinct

Randwick City Council resolves to silence the voice of the real Kensington West Kingsford Precinct by setting up a parallel virtual online version of the precinct administered and controlled by Council staff.

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Dear Residents,

When NM66/16 was on the agenda of Randwick Council's meeting of 13th December 2016, one would have thought such a motion will never come to pass because it goes against the Council's express commitment to consult and engage the local community in its decision-making process through its precinct system.

The resolution did pass.  Nine of its fifteen councillors voted in favour of establishing a virtual online version of the Kensington West Kingsford (KWK) Precinct.

KWK Precinct has been an active and successful precinct.  It holds regular precinct meetings that are well attended.  It also holds special community meetings on specific issues affecting the precinct and these too are very well attended.  Its elected executives articulate the view of its residents and ratepayers effectively to Council.  It's paradoxical that Council is now moving to silence this precinct after awarding its elected executive the coveted Randwick City Council's Australia Day Community Service Award for outstanding service to the community.

In 2015 the Metro Model for Precincts proposal (for want of a better name) to expand the precinct system through online presence was rejected by Council.  When a precinct could not hold face to face meetings and used emails for discussions, it was no longer recognised by Council as a precinct.

Why set up an online precinct now?  Why should it parallel to the real precinct?  Why Council appointed executives in place of elective executives?  Why KWK Precinct?  Which precinct is next?

It appears that Council's is attempting to present its version of the community view different to that presented by the real KWK Precinct to justify its formulation of the Kingsford and Kensington Planning Strategy and completion of the CSELR light rail project in accordance with the State Government's agenda.

The Independent analysis of Randwick City Council's Fit for the Future Community Survey Data (Appendix A to submission No 168 to the Local Government Inquiry in NSW) is an example of how the views of the real residents and ratepayers can be misrepresented to serve Council's objectives.

It remains to be seen how nine councillors will vote on the rescission motions at its Saturday 17th December 2016 meeting.